Jan 2001

AMBE US Formation and Development

Sanjiv, Director of Worldwide Supplier Quality and Purchasing for Textron Automotive Company / Collins and Aikman supporting 62 plants and more than 4,000 suppliers in 4 Continents.

Due to bankruptcy of Collins and Aikman, Sanjiv had an opportunity to start AMBE Engineering.

First project was to support OEM/Tier I Company with “Crisis Management” which was well recognized.


First Project in Mexico

Tier I Automotive Supplier was “New Business Hold” with OEM requested “turn around specialist” to handle engineering, manufacturing, quality and logistics challenges.

AMBE started to take more than 800 challenges and able to turn around to the point that supplier was recognized by OEM as “Major Improved Supplier”. Also received special award from the State of San Luis Potosi Governor for one of highly impressive company.

Helped to achieve additional new business.

Improved “morale” of the company significantly.

Provided “hands on training” to Mexico members to make them self reliant.


AMBE Mexico Start Up

Started to hire Mexico members in 2005.

Conducted training of Mexico members to meet US Automotive Standards.

Register with SAT (Mexico Federal Tax Agency) and establish local banking.

Established pool of experts who are able to support Engineering, Quality and Manufacturing challenges.

First Off Shore Project in Asia

For machined transmission parts, Tier I Automotive Supplier was looking to off-shore site to reduce cost and reduce investment for new projects.

AMBE identified sources in India and China and performed due-diligence to identify strengths and weakness along with cost structure, project plan, quality of product, transportation plan and human resources plan.

AMBE was able to reduce piece price cost by 40% by launching on-time, right quality products in China and India.

Freed up capacity at Tier I Supplier in US for other complex products.

Met OEM’s Run@Rate and PPAP and other quality and product requirements on the first submission.

Approved as Minority Supplier by MMBDC (2004) and WBE (2005) which is the highest level of Minority Certifications.


First Project in Europe

German OEM and Tier I Automotive had major issues with the launch of their components in Slovakia. OEM requested AMBE’s support.

Conducted full assessment of 22 different type of noises and other manufacturing and quality and delivery challenges. Developed countermeasure for each challenge and helped to implement the items.

Recognized by German OEM for outstanding support.

Conducted multiple Statistical Problem Solving projects to identify root cause and corrective actions.

OEM requested similar support for Statistical Problem Solving techniques in Germany based on the successful track record.

Approved ISO 9001.2008 Company (2007).


First Project for OEM

OEM hired AMBE Engineering to provide support in : 16 High Impact Suppliers Management On-Site for:

  1. Last minute design changes
  2. Launch quality management
  3. Tooling management
  4. Human Resources management
  5. PPAP and any issues resolution identified from OEM Assembly Plant.
  6. Containment for any issues identified from OEM Assembly Plant.

Corporate Office Support for “critical commodity management” with team of 4 members.

Multiple members at OEM’s assembly plants to perform problem identification along with “fast response”.


AMBE India

Opened up office in India to support Off-Shore activities for various suppliers.

Train them in to US Quality Standards and communication requirements.

Hired members who had worked in US for automotive tier I Companies and relocated to India.

Established ties with various US OEMs and US Tier I’s for support in India, Thailand, China and other Asian Countries using India resources.


AMBE Europe

Established Office in Germany to support European OEMs and Tier I Suppliers.

Conducted project for Tier I Supplier in Romania with German resources.

Hired members in Europe and identified major challenges with many different languages and culture.

Identified product warranty improvement road map projects and implemented corrective actions on “high warranty failures”.

Provided training in VDA 6.3 Standards (European OEM) to AMBE members.


AMBE South America

Opened office in Curitiba, Brazil to support South America region.

Hired members to support in South America regions.

Worked with OEM to get recognition for specialized projects.

Implemented multiple Lean Enterprise projects in South America and with substantial Return on Investment (ROI) identified for these projects.

Performed on-site crisis management support for OEMs and Tier I Companies.

Received special recognition from OEM as Expert Problem Solving Company (CSL-3).

Met all Brazilian Tax requirements and also meet local banking requirements.

Received ISO 9001.2008 Certificate in 2014.


Expansion of AMBE

Hired Vice President of Sales and Marketing for North America Region.

Hired Managing Director for US Office.

Hired Managing Director for Mexico Office.

Hired Project Director for AMBE Worldwide locations to meet standardized work standards.

Received approvals for more than 80 of Tier I Companies for Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality, Lean Enterprise Implementation.


Rapid Growth of AMBE

Strong Sales growth especially in Mexico and USA vs. previous years

Won initial contracts with important Tier 1 and OEM customers including 2 out of 3 German premium OEMs and a second Japanese OEM

First successful HR Retention, Staffing Solutions, Interim Management and Headhunting projects Mexico backoffice team doubled

Strong investment into US backoffice team including a Sales and a Talent Acquisition Director

Strong investments into standardization of our consulting approach and training